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Evernote Web and Google calendar integration

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  A couple years ago you were able to create a note from a google calendar, and it would make a checklist of the users invited.  Made it real simple to just click the box as applicable,  There was a change and the invites are all shown together.  Am I missing something?  I hope :)


  • attendee 1
  • attendee 2
  • attendee 3



Attendee 1 attendee 2 attendee 3

It really made it easy for me to just click who attended while they are announcing themselves.

I also have it on MAC, haven't checked it yet.  Most of my work is web-based, so ideally we could have that option back.  Even if it was an opt-in feature


Thank you!



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Hi Agstelle.  The help-desk got back with me.  You need to revert to classic mode, and when you select "create a meeting note"  and select the meeting you want to create a note for.  it then opens a note with all the participants in a line and with check-boxes next to them.   The newest web-client  lists them differently, and its troublesome to take attendance.  Evernote did say that it was a requested feature to bring back, so hopefully they do.  This is dependent on having your calendar synced with evernote.

Here is what a meeting note looks like in the old client;
Next Steps
Make sense?
I attached a screenshot to illustrate more
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