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Two accounts but both have problems

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Account #1 -

  • is active, full of notes, and I can log in
  • BUT I no longer have access to this email address (old work email)
  • Like to just change the email to my current on this account but it says that is a deactivated account and it won't let me use the email again

Account #2

  • is my current email address
  • BUT i don't have password
  • When I ask it to send confirmation email so I can change password, it doesn't work

There is a little bit of stuff in Account #2 but I'd probably just sacrifice it if I could get EN to delete the account entirely and then correct the email address on Account #1. 

Otherwise, if all I can do is get #2 going, I'll have to move everything out of #1 into #2. 

Help is much appreciated.





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