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Evernote wanting keychain access

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Hello.  I've been using Evernote for several years.  I have the app  on my iMac and on my iPad.  A short while ago I had problems accessing Evernote on the iPad - the only one I generally use each morning for about ½ hour.  Since then whilst using the iMac but not involved with Evernote this dialogue box appears.  Entering my password results with a message to say the password is not valid.  I now click Deny to remove the dialog box.  How do I deal with this situation?  Thanks for any help.


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From what you describe I think it somehow forgot your password, and maybe saved a wrong one down the road. If you have a Mac, it is probably easier to do it there than on the iOS device. I assume all devices are synced through iCloud, and you know your EN login data.

Open the keychain app on the Mac, search for „Evernote“ and erase all entries. Close the keychain app.

After that wait some time (you can do other stuff, it will sync with iCloud if not yet done) and then restart the Mac.

Usually it should „forget“ the wrong data by this.

Do you always log out on closing, and back in on starting with EN ? Or do you stay logged in ?

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Side note- This also occurs when I try synching with Cloud Outliner pro. Pink Elephant fix works delete password in Keychain App. It won't fix Cloud Outliner issues but will fix Evernote login issues.

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Hello both.  Thank you for taking the time to reply.  Re PinkElephant's reply I have done as you suggested, on my iMac, deleting the EN password in Safari > Preferences > Passwords then went to Launchpad > Search (entered Keychain) > Passwords and deleted Evernote.  Then I rebooted the iMac and clicked the EN icon in the dock, put in my login name/password and opened EN without a problem.  I'm still learning my way around Apple stuff so please forgive me if this is a long winded reply of thanks.

I do leave the iMac logged in to EN, making notes on EN whilst using an iPad.  However, I also have EN on the iPad if I need to use the iPhone in place of the iPad with the iPad in place of the iMac if I've no access to the iMac.  It has been this way for several years without a problem.

Regarding the reply from RobertJLee I have to admit ignorance on your comment as I have no idea what Cloud Outliner Pro might be, never having heard of it.  Am I missing the best thing since sliced bread?

Thank you so much for your replies.  I await to see if the dialog box suddenly appears again!


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Yeah, I came back to the Mac 2019 after many years when corporate IT pushed the latest Windows machines on my desk. Oh what a relief !

But I think I spend a week on YT, watching all this „Switch to a Mac from Windows“ clips, taking notes and planning my personal transition strategy.

It is pure magic how the devices interact seamlessly through iCloud. But the danger is once a wrong information entered the personal network, it spreads. If a Mac is available, it is the best platform to sort things out.

Good it worked for you ! So all the time spend on YT was worth something in the end.

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Hello PinkElephant.  It was interesting to read your comment.  Way back, what I didn’t mention was that I tried to buy a Macintosh - that’s if I remembered correctly - and was informed at where I was going to buy it that I would have to go on a computer course for it before being allowed to hand over the cash.  I finished up with a BBC model B with tape drive then disc drive - a 3” double sided dual.  At work, later, was given an IBM PS2 so never did get involved with Apple until I retired.  How I missed out on reality.  However, thanks again for your assistance.

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10 hours ago, dpacjv said:

Regarding the reply from RobertJLee I have to admit ignorance on your comment as I have no idea what Cloud Outliner Pro might be, never having heard of it.  Am I missing the best thing since sliced bread?

It WAS  ...and still is a very good outliner that works on OS and IOS it used to synch outlines TO an EN notebook called "Outlines" and allowing bi directional editing. But at the moment it is broken and asking for key chain access if you try using EN. The app has not been updated for 12 months and at the moment I can not recommend it if you wish to use with EN.

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