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Why I am moving to anything else other than evernote.



Hi All,

This is very close to my last post here.

My phone was sluggish so I did a factory reset and reinstalled the software I wanted.

I only have two devices.

I've just been on the merrygoround of trying to log into the Android App. supposed "invalid password" and other error messages. I've reset the password several time. Each time the new password has worked just fine on my desktop.

But my phone keeps giving me "invalid password" and "password reset" messages. Each time my desktop is fine. But same password and no go with the phone.

40 minutes is enough time to spend on it.

I'm looking for alternatives now.

Won't be recommending Evernote except for desktop.


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Free account ?

After the factory reset your phone was most likely identified as a new device. If you did not unsync before the reset, you now have 3 devices. Unfortunately EN will not always giver a clear indication that the devices limit is blocking access.

Use a working client (desktop ?) to go to your account settings. In the devices tab unsync all except the device you use to get at the account.

Then try again to log in from your unsynced phone.

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