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Skitch shortcut keys MacOS - Add to preferences



I'd like to be able to customize the shortcuts I use to take screenshots with Skitch on MacOS. 

Right now, the shortcut keys appear hardcoded. 

Also, I'd love there to be an 'Edges' option for adding dropped shadows, torn edges, etc. A great implementation of this exists in Faststone Capture on Windows. As a recent Mac convert, this is something I really miss :)

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There is a special subforum for Skitch requests:


In general I would not expect anything larger to happen with Skitch. EN bought the app years ago, and just kept it afloat, with one update per year.

To send direct input to EN PM, use the feedback function in the clients.

I have Skitch installed on my Mac, but for fast screenshots I have mostly switched to Shottr. It does not have an EN integration, so I drop the created file on my Import Folder to move screenshots into a note.

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