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Cannot read notes on Android

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Hi all. 

Android 12 (Samsung Galaxy S20) 

App is up to date. 


I am unable to see PDF attachments in my notes. I get this message:


"unable to download the selected item" 


It works fine on Desktop (Windows 11).


Any help appreciated. 




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On 3/4/2022 at 11:01 AM, CX15 said:

I am unable to see PDF attachments in my notes. 

Hi.  Can you see notes that do not have a PDF attached?  Are these especially large files?  What sort of a network connection do you have?  -Good / medium / bad / home wifi / work wifi...  And what version of Evernote are you using?

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Good answers.  OK - still seems likely that downloading a 4MB file over a local connection is going to take a while,  and maybe Evernote give up after a certain time.  You'd have to check with Support if you can to verify that.  Meantime,  if you know what files you need,  you could look into 'offline notebooks' if you are a subscriber...

Set up offline notebooks on mobile devices

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