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“Penultimate unexpectedly quit”

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I have been using Penultimate for several years across several iPads. I also use Evernote and they have always synched nicely.  Today, when I launched Penultimate the attached dialog box opened saying “penultimate unexpectedly quit”.  The buttons do not respond to input and after <2 seconds the app then shuts down.  I have relaunched the app, restarted the iPad, to get the same result.  When I log into Evernote IOS and Evernote Web my Penultimate folder is now empty as opposed to showing the 400 or so notes that I have accumulated over the years.  I am quite distressed because I have many sensitive notes that I need access to.

I am running IOS15.3.1. My apps are set to update automatically so running the most recent version of Evernote and penultimate.   Because I can’t launch the app I can’t access any logs.

Any suggestions?


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