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Viewing PDF's on iPhone

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Am I missing something? Often a pdf is too small to view in Portrait mode on an iPhone. No worries, I'll just turn it to Landscape to make it bigger (like ALL OTHER APPS). But, NO, instead, it gets SMALLER! It defaults to full height instead of full width. OK, I'll pinch it to expand. But that only works for the current page. I need to SHRINK IT BACK before I can go to the next page, etc. Surely, I am demented and can't find the setting to make EverNote behave like every other app I have ever used. Can someone please help?

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It is just the way it is: It is set to show the full page. When you rotate, height is relevant, so it will shrink in width. When you zoom out, you will not be able to swipe to the next page. So far - but there is more: There is a row of thumbnail pictures of the pages in the lower part of the screen. You can easily navigate to the next page by tapping on the next thumbnail - or jump to another page.

It is just a different way to set up navigation. Once you got used to it, it is no problem. At least it is none for me.

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