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Keyword search not working as I expect



Hi, I'm using recent version of Evernote for Windows, Android, WEB with my language Japanese.

Recently I noticed that some keyword search cannot hit notes as I expected.


There is a note that contains the word "あ14Aが" or "あ(14A)が".

If I search with "14A", both do not match though many may expect so.

It does not match with "あ(14A)" neither, but matches with "あ14A" to both and that is quite awkward.

I think this is a bug and hope that it will be fixed.

Thank you.

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Thank you for the reply.

I also read this discussion,  

and found quite interestingly "14:A" , "14^A", "14&A" can hit a note which contains "あ(14A)が". 

"14(A", "14.A", "14_A" do not work, but Colon, Hat can be replaced by other punctuation characters such as Hash, Question, Exclamation, Brackets, Dash, etc.

Thank you again. This technic is enough for me.

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