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Tasks on specific date and note/Tasks integration



I have tasks that need to happen on a specific date every month.  I know recurring tasks aren't a thing yet (but OMG I would use the ***** out of this I'm begging you make this happen) but is it possible to add a task to a specific date? For example, I inspect apartments on the first Wednesday of every other month and post reminders on my residents' doors one week ahead of inspection.  I can add these to my calendar, but I'd much rather have them in my Tasks list on the day they need to happen without having to make a new Task every month.  So, on the first Wednesday I'd love to have "inspect apartments" show up on my Tasks list. I can assign a deadline but I don't want to stare at it on my tasks list for two months; it will become part of the background and I do not want that.

I use an Evernote template for my inspections, and it would also be great for "schedule re-inspection" to automatically appear in my Tasks if i check the "follow-up inspection needed" box in my inspection form.  Is there a tweak on my inspection form I can make?

Any ideas on how to make this happen?

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I hope this happens. Recurring tasks are apparently coming but I have no idea how powerful they'll be... I'm waiting for them as most of my work tasks recur.

It would be nice to be able to set tasks as "first Wednesday in the month" or "every weekday" or "Last Friday in the month".

I currently use Todoist for all of this but would switch to EN in a minute if I could do all this.

Here's hoping.

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