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I was writing in the same note using two devices, alternating depending on where I was and then syncing. It’s wasn’t until it started showing that there’s a new version of the same note that I noticed that it was creating new notes everytime I edited. And also not when I’m editing. I have literally over a thousand copies of the same note in my notebook, and I’ve been deleting for hours now. Literally thousands. I don’t know if I should be horrified or like genuinely take this as a joke. 



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It is not advisable to keep one and the same note open in several clients at the same time. EN treats the whole note as an entity, and when it discovers 2 different versions, it will create a safety copy. The high number of copies in your case point to a looping, that is each security copy was again treated as a conflict, leading to another copy.

The best way to proceed probably is to contact support about it. Attach an activity log.

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Then you are probably on a free account.

In this case you can't contact support directly. You need to subscribe (which can be done for a single month) to get the access.

Why ? Because you need personal help, and the person who will assist you needs to get paid as well. This is why support is restricted to subscribers. Side effect: It will lift your upload limit as well.

Make sure the subscription will not auto-renew after that month. And make sure you are down to 2 synced devices before the sub expires.

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