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Dear Evernote, please post your old apks in Evernote website itself.

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I have been Evernote paid customer for 8 years. Pissed for last 2 years. Please post your old apks here. I don't want to download from shady websites.  I don't like your recent versions and have no time to give you feedback. You should be mature enough to do A/B testing before releasing features.

If you are not listing apks in 3 days here in forum, I'm moving to Microsoft Notes. And I bet you that will be your end. 

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  • Evernote Expert

These forums are user to user. So whilst we empathise, you are ranting at fellow travellers.

Other users have been very successful using APKmirror which is decidedly not shady.

In the meantime I searched the forums and located the official download.


Searching is often a means to relieve frustrations.

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