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My web clipper that is usually on the top of my screen no longer works

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The weclipper is only clipping my background. I have spent the last 3 hours trying to install/uninstall the program and now it says I cannot install because I have other versions. I have checked my entire computer  and have no other versions. I like the web clipper on the top of the screen  in the legacy version to clip pictures and drag them into texts  or  use them for work and to send clients pics of my work. It was so easy and now it doesnt work. Can anyone help? I have a new version of mac that did not work with the new webclipper and tahts why i downloaded legacy and now the older version is not working either. I tried to write a ticket but even that is hard to do with evernote. It used to be so easy and the changes have complicated my life so much. PLEASE HELP!  :)

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Have you allowed in Mac settings, security, privacy the EN app to make screen recordings ? 

If not, and if EN is not listed, hit the lock symbol, unlock, click the + below the app list and add EN to the list of apps allowed to make a screen recording.

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