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Restored Note from Trash and Evernote deleted it

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I accidently deleted a Note while trying to delete some of the contents. Went to the Trash and chose to restore the Note, got a permission denied message and now the Note has been permanently deleted.


Is there anyway to recover this note? This is on the desktop version of Evernote, PC with Windows 11 and the Evernote version is 10.28.3-win-ddl-public (3151)



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Usually when a note is gone, it is gone. Note history (which is the best recovery available) goes with it as well.

You may try to contact support about it.

If you run a local backup, and if it has versioning applied, there may be a way to restore from that backup. But since you are on an OS beta (I do not regard Win11 as anything near completed, they constantly add missing stuff), and versioned backups are not as common on Windows as they are on Macs, I would be mildly surprised if this would be the case.

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