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How do you deal with the Ipad pdf annotate zoom fail

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Hi, given that its not possible to zoom into PDFs to annotate them from an IPad, a fundamental reason for using Evernote has just failed for me. Many of my notes are articles and reports that I need to be able to annotate, and not being able to do this from my Ipad is seriously irritating and distracting me. 

I dont want to move away from Evernote. I have too much invested there, and the export to other platforms is not great. I also really like how Evernote works and feels (except for this issue with the Ipad app). I have been waiting for an update or recognition of this issue, but enough is enough. Its time to do something new. I need a way around or I need to move to another platform and end my "relationship" with Evernote. 

So - Question:

Has anyone worked out a convenient way to annotate pdfs from their ipad that doesnt involve a complicated 12 step work around? 



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I'm fully with you matthew_s!  Evernote is doing a great job introducing new features that I don't really need.  What I do need is reliability and this issues drives me mad.  It strikes me as pretty fundamental to many people's ability to work paperless.  @ Evernote - HELP!  can you put some priority into this please.

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