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As a evernote user for almost 20 years, I never had a problem till now. I had about 2,000 notes in evernote. The other night one of my notes started duplicating. In no time I was up to 19,000 notes. Of course no phone support with evernote. The chat support is useless. So I will be losing all my notes. Grab your notes before you lose yours. 

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Duplicated notes usually happen when there's a network issue of some kind.  It's pretty easy to fix,  though annoying at the time.  All the 'created' dates will be similar,  and -presumably- any titles will be identical.  All that's required is to fix the issue that caused the problem and delete the additional notes.  If you're still having issues,  please confirm your device, OS and Evernote version,  and please give more details of what exactly led to the duplications.

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