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Short Evernote Survey for regular users

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Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas.

My name is Simon and I am studying Information Technology online with RMIT Univeristy in Australia.

As part of my User-Centred Design  course I have chosen Evernote as a tool to study for one of my assignments. I have created a short survey based on Evernoteand its usability features.

Below is a link for my User Experience survey for Evernote. The survey is hosted by Google Forms and should take no longer than 10 minutes. No personal data will be collected and the survey is completed anonymously.


A Participation Information Form regarding this survey can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ms6USo2J1tO9yeQs9WRB3AYGt6wcXo4v/view?usp=sharing

Should you wish to contact me or any staff at RMIT you shall find the relevant information there.

Looking forward to seeing your contributions.

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Gazumped, thank you for pointing that out. I did have a question with that linear scale but I'm not sure how it disappeared. I will fix it. The note images were there as we were encouraged to use images, trouble is they don't seem to go with the questions so I've removed them for now.

Edit: For those who have completed it so far, thank you! I'm sorry about that linear scale without the question. I am unsure as to how that happened as I did have text with it before.

Edited by Simon at RMIT
Wanted to add a "thank you" to those who have completed it so far
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