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Penultimate no longer showing my Notebooks and Notes

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Penultimate running on iPad iOS 15.2 no longer shows my old Notebooks and Notes. I can still see them in Evernote though.

Creating new Notebooks and Notes on Evernote does sync with Evernote. My problem is that all my previous and older Notebooks and Notes are gone from Penultimate. Is there a way to sync them back to Penultimate?



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I have a similar issue. I had to reinstall penultimate after formatting my iPad Pro (15.3.1), and the notes never finished syncing. A few notes and notebooks are readable. I can see all the others in the app, as icons with the title (but without preview), but if try to open them a message shows, saying "We'll load this note once your account has finished syncing". Syncing again manually does not solve the issue.


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Hi, thanks. 

I tried and still it does not sync, or better, it syncs a small subset of the notes. How can I contact support? Don't I need to upgrade to a paying plan to talk to them?

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Support access is restricted to paying users.

I sometimes pick an issue from the forum and place it with support - but only if I can reproduce it on my devices. This is not the case here.

So yes, it is subscribing at least for a month, or use it as it is.

Personally I have Penultimate installed - but I use GoodNotes 5 if I want to make handwritten notes. So no deeper experience with the Penultimate way of working.

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