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Please Please Please bring back Multiple Tabs and the Thumbnails/List Sidebar

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The multiple tabs option.  PLEASE bring it back.  I'm working on multiple notes at once, switching back and forth quickly.  Impossible to do without this feature.

Also, like in Legacy version, the sidebar that shows all the notes in a notebook you're working in or if you do a search.  Also shows most recent notes.  SUCH a handy feature.  PLEASE bring it back. 

Why get rid of fantastic features that make this app truly great?

Thank You.

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  • Evernote Expert

@Jer P You are talking to other users in these forums. Staff do, occasionally, drop by but not with any certainty.

The tabs option has been requested by others. You could submit feedback on the application or a support ticket via the website to add your voice.

Assuming your are discussing the desktop application... The note sidebar is available but it depends upon how you access a note. Basically if you open a notebook via the left hand sidebar it will open together with the column list of notes and thumbnails. Of you open a note directly then you will see only the note and no sidebar.


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