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So many issues


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First, I've used evernote for years and all of a sudden today I can't edit any prior notes, create a new note, or do anything without an error popping up that says "There's been an error syncing your note. Please reload to resume editing." In which reloading does nothing but bring me back to square one

Two, there is no support to contact - in fact I only have access to post in VERY FEW of the forums, only random ones for other languages, so it's why I'm posting here.


Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 4.14.07 PM.png

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The forum is user2user.

Either you are a subscriber - then you can contact support. If on a free account, it is the forum, and that is it.

Your problem description does not tell enough to even start thinking about how to fix the problem. Tell more about what you were doing, sort of note, editing actions taken etc. Unless there is more information, it would be just wild guessing.

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