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(Archived) The new app clogs the internal memory (htc Desire)


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The new version of the Android app quickly clogs the internal memory of my htc Desire, thus rendering the app (and device) quite a bit less useful. I have 13000+ notes.

It doesn't matter if I save the app to sd or not - Evernote fills the internal memory with data. Is there any way to prevent this? Or can I get the previous app somewhere?

If not, could you please save data to sd in future versions, or make some option to prevent heavy data downloading?

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I also wonder why no one is debating this in the forum. Very few people must use Evernote the way we do, I guess.

I've had a lenghty correspondance with Evernote on the subject. Their final answer was this:

"Unfortunately, at this time, this is the way Evernote is designed. The of the internal usage for the cache that you are seeing is consistent with a database of your size. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes you."

So Dconroy1 and Frommhol, I assume you too have a large database, which Evernote Android apparently isn't designed for.

The only thing you can do is get an old version of the app, which you can download here:


I use version 1.5.

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I really want to keep EN on the phone memory as I want to use the homescreen widget but noticed that my friend's phone was only using 3 MB for Evernote but mine is around 10MB. I always assumed that the data for notes would be stored on the SD card, but it seems this isn't the case.

Can a config option be made so that we can store our note data on SD, but keep the main app in phone memory? I'm also a Desire user (Android 2.2 / T-Mobile UK) and struggling with the "low phone memory" notification.

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