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  1. Thanks! Looks like just what I needed. Seems odd that Evernote doesn't have the same features on Mac and Windows though.
  2. On Evernote for Windows, you can import a folder of files into a notebook as seperate notes. How do you do this on mac?
  3. Just to clarify my earlier post: attached is two screenshots. This is what I see, viewing the same notebook on OSX 10.6.8 in Evernote 3.05 (thumbnail view) and 3.07 beta 5 (card view). It should be pretty apparent what the problem is. I can't figure out why you want to dramatically limit what Evernote is useful for.
  4. Card view is a complete nightmare for me. I actually contacted tech support because I thought it was a bug. I use Evernote for visual reference and inspiration, 98% of the time. Card view clutters my collection with information I don't need at all. Please bring thumbnail view back. Also, where can I get the previous version of Evernote?
  5. Just to let you know: the new version finally resolves this problem - at least on my htc Desire.
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