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Google calendar will not sync with Evernote



I recently activated the Google calendar widget via my laptop. Went through the process of selecting my Google Account, received a message saying it was synced; however, when I look at the calendar in Evernote none of the events in my Google calendar are showing in the Evernote view.  I have read through countless Evernote and Google searches and could not locate any information on how to correct this issue. The only thing showing in the Evernote calendar widget are national holidays.

Can anyone please assist with a fix?

Thank you.

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I would try resetting your laptop program. Select, File | Sign Out | Remove my Evernote data from this device

Then reboot your laptop and log back in. This will recreate your data.

p.s. I notice that you've posed this same question a couple of times. ALways good to avoid double posting. Thanks.

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