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(Archived) extra line breaks added



I have evernote installed on my mac os x.7 and my ipod touch 4.1.

I use it for lists among other things.

for some reason evernote insists on adding a carriage return (line break) to the 1st line of my notes -- its random - not every note is affected. i keep my notes text only. but still this occurs. its very frustrating since i have a small screen - and this means more scrolling to see my list - since i have wasted line breaks. i try deleting the line break on the ipod touch - but getting the curser in front of that first character is next to impossible (cursor placement is quite difficult on the device in this app). so i routinely delete the extra lines on the mac side and sync... but as soon as i edit the note on the device it Re-Adds the line break at the top of the note... (before i even type anything into it - immediately when i click edit).

please fix this -- it should not be adding line breaks unless i add them


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