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Images not showing within notes on Windows and Browser - can see thumbnails. Please help?!



I have got the latest version of Evernote installed on my Android (Samsung S6) phone. 

On my phone, I can see all images/pictures with every note. Most of them are photographs I took with my phone. Everything is perfect.

However, on both Evernote in my internet browser and on Windows 10 desktop, I can see the thumbnail of the images but not any image in any note itself. All I see in each note is the text.

I've spent hours trying to view the images. I've been collecting the images for years and they are very important to me. I must say, this experience has really shaken my faith.

I've tried all kinds of techniques e.g. to export the images from the notes as PDF format, but nothing appears.  

What can I do to access the images on my computer please?

Thank you.

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