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Keyboard shortuct for "Open [current note that I am editing] in New Window"



I just want a simple shortcut for "Open [current note that I am editing] in New Window" why is it so hard for Evernote to understand the need/use cases of these by not building a keyboard shortcut for it?

I can go into multiple uses of why the "Open current notes that I am editing in New Window" but if people are just going to give me counter-arguments why it's not needed then it's really dis-empowering because I have used Evernote for more than 10 years, and I know how this function can increase productivity in multiple ways.

I don't want to use a mouse to move to notes list and then double-click.

I don't want to use a pointer/keyboard to jump or navigate to the note, then highlight it, then press Ctrl/Cmd + Enter.

All these are time-wasting hurdles that can be solved by having a shortcut for "Open [current note I am editing] in New Window."

The Legacy Evernote even allows me to "open a note that I am searching for in a new window" if you invoke "Cmd + J" when on a note window, but this "feature" is gone in the "new" Evernote as well.

Does anyone listen? Should I send a request directly to "support?"

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