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Duplicate notes with current datetime as creation date

Alexander Seidl


I duplicate notes very often.

Besides the title, A duplicated note is an exact copy. It would be nice when the creation date of the copy would be the current datetime and not the creationdate of the original note.

Why? The duplicated note is always only a starting point. It is not considered to stay a copy, but a new note and should therefore have a current creation date.

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7 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

This is one of that definitions a dev must take, knowing that a part of the users will not agree.

There could be a solution to satisfy both types of users. Either an option in the settings to set the creation date to either the current date or to the date of the source file. Or, when duplicating, you could include a question somewhere about which creation date to choose.

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This is one of that definitions a dev must take, knowing that a part of the users will not agree.

There are users who edit the creation date of a note to reflect the exact date when an attachment was created. These users are probably very happy that even if they duplicate, the creation date is not resetted.

You see there are different views possible for the same feature.

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There exists the ability to "Copy To". Here's a solution proposal

  • Leave the Duplication function as it currently is (an exact duplicate (other than the additional "copy" text in the title"), which includes the same creation date as the original
  • Change the "Copy To" function to be able to copy to the same notebook that you're currently in, but with an updated creation date to be the date that the copy was created

I think this would resolve the issue.


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Good morning: 

subject: Duplicate notes with current "datetime" as the creation date. 

I create and sell planners so duplicating is a way of life, especially if an individual has a free account. Saving-template is not always logical. (20 saves limit)

·My mode of view options is snippet view, (must have pretty and practical snippet graphic) 

·My Mode of deep filing for an annual journal is date-created

needed to take this subject just a little deeper. Making a How-to always helps me. 

The date changed on an individual note applies to that note only and does not affect any prior or master notes. 

Hope this helps. 



Changing individual notes creation date with Kristen Wambach Evernote Expert.png

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