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Outlook "Save to Evernote" add-in - link back to original email doesn't work

Sky Blue Thinking


When I use the "Save to Evernote" in Mac Outlook, the email appears as a Note in EN, which is great, but then clicking the URL of the email only takes you back to the Outlook (web) inbox, rather than the email itself. I'd still have to search for the email to find the original. This is the case both for my corporate O365 email and my personal Outlook.com email. Is there a solution, is this a known issue?

The issue is true for Mac Outlook, iOS Outlook, as well as Mac EN v10, Legacy Mac and iOS EN, but on Mac I'm running: 
10.24.3-mac-ddl-public (3041) 
Editor: v134.0.17043 
Service: v1.41.4 

Outlook client: 
Outlook for Mac 16.55 (21102000) 
Microsoft 365 Subscription

MacBook Pro 13" 2017 
macOS Monterey 12.0.1


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An update on this matter if anyone"s interested )EN support are still looking into this):

I experimented by using Outlook’s “Send to Onenote” add-in to send an email to my OneNote account, and then sent the same one to EN. Then I clicked the respective links to the original email in Onenote & EN. The Onenote link worked fine, took me straight to the actual email in Outlook (albeit web rather than desktop). EN’s link of course took me to the Outlook inbox and no further.
So I checked the URLs in each note – you’ll note the formatting is slightly different in each. (Whether that’s an error in the EN back-end or something that happens specifically in my EN account I’ll leave to EN Support to discover!) URL details below:
Outlook -> Onenote:

Outlook -> Evernote:

So Onenote has a “?” after the “owa/” instead of EN’s “#”, and adds “&exvsurl=1&viewmodel=ReadMessageItem” at the end of the URL. Is it likely that the Onenote add-in does a better job of rendering the original email's URL than the EN add-in? If so, is there a workaround? Hopefully EN Support will work it out ...

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On 1/14/2022 at 5:58 PM, Sky Blue Thinking said:

Just had an email from EN support saying it IS a bug, no other users have reported it yet, and it’ll be fixed in the next update to the Outlook add-in - no date yet.

That's great news! Thank you. That feature is one that I keep wishing would work. I appreciate you reporting it.

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I submitted a ticket about this several months ago - hoping to keep it on their radar. I was told it would be fixed in the next two or three updates. That was about half a dozen updates ago. Seems like their answers just try to placate. Anything to do with Microsoft seems to be very low priority. I am still waiting for Outlook calendars to be included and would love to be able to create tasks from outlook. I've begun looking at other solutions.


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On 7/20/2022 at 9:17 PM, BashN said:

Any update?

My last info from EN was in response to my support ticket over a year ago. Although they said the plug-in would fixed in the next update, the plug-in hasn’t been updated in YEARS, so I’m not holding my breath. I did ask support whether they had a timeframe in mind for updating the plug-in, but received no response. @agsteele’s reply ^^ doesn’t sound promising …

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