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How to Report Successful Fishing Attack?



I received a fraudulent email, supposedly from Evernote, to confirm my email address. They succeeded in getting my password and logging into my account (according to login history). I changed password, added phone 2FA, and logged out of all devices. However, trying to add Google Authenticator 2FA does not work, which has me suspicious something else may still be wrong.

As a free user, it appears I cannot create a support case with Evernote. However as this fishing attack likely will affect more users, I would like to report this issue. How can I do that?

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Free users can only use 2FA by text message. Use of an authenticator app is a subscription feature. BTW any authenticator app that creates one time code will do, not only the Google app.

To contact EN you can try this link and select „Account“ as ticket type. It used to work, restricted to this sort of ticket. 

Don‘t forget to secure other accounts as well.

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