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Lost Content on last note when login in in Android 11

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Something really weird happened the 6th of October of 2021. The moment I opened the Evernote App on my Android 11 phone all the content on my last note disappeared. All of it. I didn't even open the note, it was just the moment I opened the app and it loaded/booted that all content disappeared.
I tried to open the note and undo but it didn't work at all. I have a Free Membership, so I can't contact the support team nor access the historic of the note.
My phone is a Xiaomi A3 and I didn't have the last update of the app; now I do.

Is there something I can do to recover the text content?
Thank you all.

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No chance to know what happened by remote analysis.

There is a hidden feature, running for all accounts, subscribed or free. It is a version history of changes.

Although it is created for all accounts, access is restricted to subscribers. If the missing content is worth a month of subscription, you could subscribe to Personal. Once your account got upgraded, you can access note history through the 3 dots menu, at note information. It allows to reset the note to a former date, or create a copy of that version as a new note.

It works as long as the note still exists, even when moved to the trash. Once a note was completely deleted, it can't be recovered.

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I had the same problem the entire content of a note (my entire family's Christmas gift list and record of things purchased so far) was empty when I opened it. Clearly the Grinch's work, but that's another issue.) I tried Undo thinking it had been backspaced away when I set the phone down. No luck. Tried the ... /note info advice but I don't see a way to reset to a precious version. Please help save Christmas!

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You first need to be a subscriber to access note history. It run for all accounts, but access is subscribers only.

Then you need a desktop client, or the web client. It will not show on mobile.

Select the note, tap the 3 dots top right, select note information from the drop down menu. In the note info window, there is the note history link. Behind it are the prior versions. You can set the note back, or create a copy of a prior version.


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