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Duplicate notes when inserting photos in a note




I'm having the following issue which is creating duplicate notes: 

  1. I open Evernote note on my MacBook (not web client) and start writing
  2. I open my Android phone and I insert some photos from Google Photos to the same Evernote note that I was writing in
  3. I check the note on my laptop again to continue writing but duplicate notes seem to be appearing (anywhere from 1 to a lot of duplicates; amount of duplicates can be higher than amount of pictures inserted in the note). Please note that I don't see the photos in the note as I'm writing because it takes minutes before 2-3 photos appear in a note. And when they do, they are in a different note.

As a result of the above what I have to do next is in order to clean up is:

  1. Find the duplicate note that has the images copy them
  2. Find the original note which had the text I wrote, paste those images there and rename the note in order to know that it's the original one and not a duplicate
  3. Delete duplicate notes that I know are duplicates and move them to trash
  4. Take few deep breathes to reduce amount of cortisol and stress and move on

Is there anything I can do not to have this problem? Would be very much appreciated.

Just for extra emotional background to let it out a bit my frustration that I've been holding onto for some time: I'm a paying user and been using Evernote since 2013. I stopped doing this sort of note writing because of this issue but I figured what am I paying for if notes don't sync and instead of Evernote becoming faster it's becoming slower. There! I feel better

Thank you in advance


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Oh, you discovered for yourself how to duplicate notes: Open the same note on 2 or more devices, and start to randomly modify it here and there. EN now can only guess on your intentions, and before destroying valuable (?) content starts to create branches of the same note, that grow into a forest.

For EN the entity to sync is the entire note. In the use case you described, it is not EN doing the duplication - it is you yourself creating the duplicates by adding content to the same note at the same time on different devices.

If you want to avoid it, open and work on the same note on only 1 device at any time. This is not new, but in the legacy world syncing was not that immediate as it is now.

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Who knows the big plan of life ? Me as another user not …

Personally I don’t know the problem, my pictures from the phone are always available on my Mac, via iCloud sync. Apple does it perfectly smooth & fast. There are other services, both cloud based and local, that can do a similar job (not as smooth).

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Thanks again. I'll try some of those solutions. Sadly, I've been getting note duplicates also without multi-device note editing. It seems that when I'm changing networks/getting disconnected same thing seems to be happening...

@PinkElephant If you don't work as Evernote staff then do you know how can I raise these bugs? Another problem I have is reaching often note size limit cause sometimes I just get the info that note size has been exceeded and I cannot insert anymore pictures but I have no idea when will I reach this.

Or perhaps you can recommend any software other than Evernote? I treat it more like a local blogging tool for making daily entries and researching topics i.e. history where I need to put maps and other images. 

Thanks in advance

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Support is here:

The note size limit is 200MB for most subscribers (Plus is less). This is enough for 50-100 Fotos, if from a mobile. You could import 10 pictures and look at note information, to get a hold how many pictures will approximately fit into a single note.
To store and handle photos I use the Photos app build into the Apple ecosystem. One big advantage: It organizes pictures according to different criteria, like date, place, people and if you enter this information tags like events, journeys etc. It does not need to copy pictures to do that, it always shows the same files in different combinations.

Depending on your settings it can hold the originals in iCloud, loading only small previews to the Macs memory.

It works seamless when using an iPhone. You can import from Android as well. For Android the equivalent would be Google Photos - no service that covers both and works good on all devices, I’m afraid.

And of course it will not mix information in a single place like EN does.

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