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I need to sync a third device, but that's literally the one thing I need from the "paid features" tier. Why can't Evernote make a separate paid option just for this?



I WANT to give you my money, Evernote, but paying $7.99 per month just to add a single additional PC to my synced devices is not it. I don't need all those extra features, and I can't be the only user in this situation (the synced devices in question would be laptop, desktop, phone). Perhaps offering a separate tier, where users pay $2.99 per month per additional synced device would be much more reasonable. If users need to add more than 2 additional devices, then they might as well pay the $7.99 to have unlimited devices as well as the extra features. Wouldn't this make the most sense in terms of customer acquisition?  Because right now I would rather move to a new service than spend the $7.99 a month (I don't even pay that much for Office 365 and 1TB of OneDrive space, jeez), but I would really like to have the option of syncing a third device, and I would be more than happy to pay a reasonable fee for that. You just gotta let me give you my money.

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If this was an option, they could simply revive the old Plus plan.

No, they discontinued the plan some years ago, letting only the existing users stay on.

Then they had a big plan redesign a few months ago. They introduced Professional, a level above the current Premium / Personal level, and discontinued the „rebated Premium“, again allowing existing users to continue.

And they continue a Free plan, that has restrictions, but can be used indefinitely.

The general trend is clear - Free is continued, but it’s limits are now enforced, subscriptions are receiving more features, and are kept level or moved upwards in pricing at the same time, rebated plans are stopped. Who wants to see can see the pattern.

Now again, what was your question ? Ah yes, no, sorry, you can’t get that raisin only, it is the whole cake or nothing. It comes in sugar, glacing or with candles, to give you a choice.

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I'm not ignorant of their trends, just pointing out the flaws in that business model lol. This is literally a suggestion forum, so no, there is no real question but I do appreciate you taking the time to respond! Just saying there's a whole subset of customers to make a subscription plan off of here, who otherwise wouldn't be giving this business a dime solely because the introductory price is too high. I WANT to pay for this service that I've been using since 2012 - of course, that only seems fair! But not at $7.99 per month, and surely not if I won't be using any of the features that comes with. Ultimately Evernote is missing out on an income stream for something that wouldn't even cost them extra resources to provide.

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As discussed some time ago in another thread, my impression is that it is not worth the money collected to build a model in between. Each subscription causes a minimum of fixed cost, probably too much for a budget offer.

There would then be downgrades as there might be upgrades. EN may win you (any maybe nobody else), but loose X now fully paying subscribers to the smaller model.

They know it pretty well from the time when Plus and Premium existed together, and they decided then to stop selling the cheaper plan.

This did not happen by accident.

As I see it your request is leading nowhere.

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