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(Archived) Shortcut key to type in new note AND to choose notebook

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Here's something that I would like to see in EN, that's common on other programs such as Together, Shovebox and Yojimbo on the Mac.....

The ability to have a shortcut command that opens a box so we can manually type in something we want saved into Evernote, AND have a drop-down of some sort that would allow us to choose which notebook the note gets put into ..... :)

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Ideally, it be configurable, and also global so we don't have to have the full EN app open/running, instead either have the "quick notes" thing in a HUD window (or something similar) or allow you to enter notes pressing something in the menubar.

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is it possible to add notes into EN via the menubar without having to open up the entire app? Opening the app just to paste in a note is a lil bothersome.

Also, if at the time of adding a new note, we could specify the notebook it's going to go into, that would be super! Again, either via the HUD-style window or a regular window. Or maybe even a tab on the side of the screen like Yojimbo and Together.


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If you go to the "Clipper" pane in the preferences window there is an option you can uncheck called "Bring Evernote to the front after a clip".

Thanks for all of the other suggestions. We'll take them into consideration.

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Ideally, the app can just paste it into the EN database without having to open the app at all. The sync can take place in the background with a daemon, or just on the next open of the main app :) not bringing EN to the front is a good enough temporary stopgap though :(

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another idea [which was just implemented in Together] is to have you be able to CHOOSE when you create the note, which notebook that note will go into, instead of manually moving it inside EN after the fact.

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