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Tables with colored backgrounds crash the web client

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When opening an existing note with a table with a colored background, the note fails to load and an infinite progress spinner is shown. This only happens in the web client. On Android version of Evernote, it works as expected. See attached screenshot.


On the other hand, when in the web client, creating a new note and inserting a table, one can go through the steps of adding a colored background, but no colored background is applied after color is selected. See attached screenshot.

image (2).png

image (1).png

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Can't confirm any of both observations posted here.

The web client is not crashing on me when I open a note with a table that has background color. It opens the note as usual, editing is fine.

The other way works as well: A new note created in the web client with table background color shows the color, and syncs to other devices as well.

Please be more specific in what you did in which steps to make it reproducible. Are your account settings an issue ? 

In account information the new web client must be active, in personal settings the web client v10+ must be checked.

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