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Unable to sort columns on labels

Eric Schutte
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I searched for a topic adressing this issue but have not found it.

I use the latest version of Evernote under Windows and IOS.

When viewing all my notes I can sort on notes (alfabetically) and date but not on label.

In the previous version I could sort the label column.

Will and can this be repaired?

Sorting columns.jpg

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You can’t sort by tag, and probably there is nothing to „repair“. This looks not like a bug, it looks like a design decision.

You can use the filter option to include or exclude certain tags from being shown in the list.

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Hello PinkElephant,

It used to be possible in the previous version. But if it is a design decision then I do not understand why. Other column can be sorted so why exclude this column (and a few others).

I can live with it but it gave me the option to quickly check all my notes because I use "mastertags" like _Medication and _Psychiatry. So an article could be tagged with 2 tags; _Medication and Lithium

Thanks for your reply, greetings from the Netherlands, Eric

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Hi Eric, you could give „saved searches“ a try. 

You can save any search filter combination that is important for you, and just call it from saved searches when you need it. If it is a regular, you can even put it into „Shortcuts“, and by the shortcuts widget on the Home Screen.

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