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OCR Search Not Working



I use Noteshelf 2 on Android to publish/sync to Evernote.

I tried to do a search for some words that I've handwritten and the search result shows 1 result and within that 1 result/page there are multiple embedded images that represent each page in the notebook in Noteshelf 2.

The problem is that it doesn't highlight search result within the embedded images. I'm just shown a page with >10 embedded image and it's hard to find the search result.

Anyone knows if this is the expected behaviour of the OCR search?

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If the handwriting is embedded into an attachment, you need to open the attachment and search inside of it.

The search option is in the Notes menu. Works like that at least for pdf, no idea about Noteshelf files. I am a Goodnoter ...

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As I said, no idea with Noteshelf.

In general it sometimes works, and often not, even with PDFs. Have not yet found out when does what happen. 

The searched text is found (thus the file shows in the search), but often I need to open it and use the in-Note search to jump from match to match.

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