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Split Notes at Point

Tony Ballantyne


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Scrivener has a nice feature where you can split one document into two separate documents. I'd like something similar on EN


So if I had note like this:



I never saw a purple cow

I never hope to see one

But I can tell you anyhow

I'd rather see than be one


I am like a fish

in love with a bird

Wishing I could fly


I could put the cursor in between the two poems and then right click/long press and chose split.  I'd end up with two notes






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Nice idea, especially because v10 tends to get slower when notes get longer.

Currently it means duplicating the note, and deleting the parts in each of the copies you want to split away.

Duplicating was improved with 10.19 - the copy is now shown with a „copy X“ in the title, and it is opened directly. So it is easier than before to do this as a workaround.

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