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Notes are lost


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Hi, I first realized  yesterday that my notes creates on my iphone app did not get synchronized to my pc web app. Today I see that the notes I created in the last days even disappeared from my iphone app. Actually even a note i just created disappeared when i closed and reopened the iphone app. 

any ideas how to get the notes back?


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Relevant is what is on the server. Log into the web client by using a browser, and check the status there. When the notes are there, they are safe, and just need to be synced.

First try (don’t think it will work): Use The Sync option in the mobile Clients settings. 

Up to here no risk of loosing anything. And everything on the server should be safe anyhow. But the next step will erase data only saved locally on the iPhone (notes not showing on the server):

Second option: Try to log out, close the app, switch the iPhone completely off, on again, open the app, log in.

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HELP ME PLEASE!!!  I have struggled for 2 days to get help. This is the closest I have come to an answer. However, I have an Android phone. I have searched help.evernote.com and still can't find the help I need. At one time I had a chat opened but I have been on so many pages I can no loner find it.

I have lost entire notebooks. My problem started with the app closing as soon as I opened it. I restarted me phone. I made sure it is synced. I read forums. Out of 9 or 10 notebooks only one is available. How do I restore the remaining notebooks? 

Is there a number I can contact? I am 68 years old and not as tech savvy as I need to be.

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@PaddyPadanaram For all notes there is note history running in the background. It keeps older versions when notes are changed. This runs on Free accounts as well.

Access to note history is a feature of the paid plans. You can subscribe (if you are on Free) for a month. When upgraded to at least Personal, note history is available on desktops in the note information.

You can reset to an older version, or create a copy of it as a new note.

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