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Evernote personalities (work, home, etc.)



Exclusively set the Home Screen and all visible notes to match a personality. Could be stack based, but it would be better not to be so some notebooks could live in both worlds.  

The easiest example is work, though I would want to set a personality up for home, any charity I am currently working with, and might at times want to limit scope to a particular project to prevent distraction. Here's a few work examples:

  • Especially when someone else can see my screen, I do not want personal notes showing on the Home Screen, in search results, or otherwise (for example I may have taken notes in my last doctor appointment).
  • I do not want to see my personal tasks when all they can do is distract, clutter and cause me to feel guilty for something that I can't address while working.
  • I don't want to accidentally link a personal meeting with a work note
  • I would like to reduce the number of notes that end up in the wrong notebook

My calendars, desktop, tasks, visible stacks and notebooks would all be attached to a personality. If not in a designated personality, they would be available at all times.

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You can create something similar by adding one or more free accounts. Each one serves for a „personality“. You can share content among them through shared notebooks. The best way is to create the shared notebooks from the subscribers account.

You can jump  between the different accounts by the account switching option of the clients.

Not as good as your proposal, but available today.

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