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Evernote for Note Collaboration



Hello, moving to Evernote for a 2 person team collab.

Basically we have around a dozen notes that I wanted to Share with another person, so we can both edit them and see each other's edits.

Everything was going great until I hit 6 notes where I clicked 'Share', added their e-mail address. 5 worked fine, the 6th is now showing me "You cannot invite any more members at this time. Please try again in a few days."

What is this limitation, why is it time based and is this some paywall requiring $$ to get around it?

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Maybe there is a sort of limitation to sharing on the Free plans (although I did not find it in the documentation).

Try to put all notes that you want to share into a notebook, and share that entire notebook instead of individual notes.

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Great idea thanks - unfortunately it looks like my account is now "Share-broken". Revoked the 5 note shares and tried to share the notebook, red error pops up:

Failed to share notebook
Would be great if instead of these generic useless errors, I could get some semblance of a reason, such as "Pay us money" or "User needs an Evernote account first" or something.
Guess I can try to delete and re-create my account? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
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As I said, I couldn’t find anything about a limit for the Free account on sharing in the help docs. There are other features of the paid plans where you have a 5 strike trial on Free, like sending an email to the EN account.

You can try yourself, just go to the EN website, help and search.

What I am sure about: No limit for subscribers.

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