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Calendar widget is asking for too much permission about contacts

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Connecting to google calendar requires full read and write access to google contacts. I believe that contacts permission should not be necessary here. I do not consider myself at liberty to share all my contacts information with Evernote or any one.


Thanks for adding calendar widget. I am sure that overtime it will turn out to be a useful product. But the way it is right now, I can't even give it a try.

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Sharing it with EN is sharing it with yourself. The contacts access is needed because there are functions like meeting invitations that work based on the contacts.

If concerned about your contacts, I would be concerned about having them in Google (making money from user data), not about having them in EN (not making money from user data). In general terms the words „Google“, „Facebook“, „Microsoft“ or „Amazon“ are always a clear sign of your data being used in the background - for none of these companies there is a way to stop this entirely.

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