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Print Meta Data for tasks and Notes

Dave Luce


As the system of notes, tasks and tags becomes more complicated, I need to see the structure in the Stacks, Notebooks and Notes. With a large history of notes and projects, the structure should be exportable to a pdf, showing at least the Notebooks bar on the left side of the screen.  Once this is available, the tags associated with each note should also be displayable on a pdf.

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For an application which is supposed to manage information, summarizing it is quite difficult.

I accomplished the simple task of printing a hierarchical list of my notebooks by expanding the notebook stacks one at a time, capturing a sequence of screens into notes, combining notes and exporting the combination to a pdf.  There should be a better way.

Evernote gurus have long extolled the virtues of using tags instead of constructing another nested level (of notebook dividers) to build sophisticated networks of notes (which they can).  ON the other hand the primitive output capacity--to print or pdf--of the application means that one cannot record or use the higher relationship between notes except as a clumsy tool for inter-screen navigation.



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20 hours ago, Dave Luce said:

Print Meta Data for tasks and Notes...I need to see the structure in the Stacks, Notebooks and Notes.

My solution is to append the metadata to the note contents   
I'm using the Evernote Legacy product, and this is generated with applescript on my Mac251665180_ScreenShot2021-07-25at11_48_30.png.1f2913b881851dcda260091d0a913435.png



I can also use applescript to extract the notebook/tag structure info

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