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(Archived) Drag stuff to note body?

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I can't seem to drag-n-drop anything onto a note body. When I try I get the green "+" at the pointer, but the item does not get added to the note. I have tried .jpg .mps text clippings, etc. This is on Version 1.0.5a Beta (28703) and it's making it quite useless except for screen grabs and web clips.

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You can't drag a file into the note editor, but you can drag the file onto a notebook to make a new note with that file as its contents. You can also drag the same file onto the Evernote icon in the OS X dock.

We intend to get drag-and-drop working into the note editor, too, but there were some tricky issues with Apple's editor control that required us to disable that until we could get it all working correctly. The UI shouldn't give you a "+" icon when the file is over the note editor ... that looks like an oversight on our part.

Thanks for the feedback

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