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  1. I had a problem when I upgraded to 1.2 earlier this week that Evernote would crash on launch every time. So I deleted the app from the phone, then restarted the phone (hold power button, swipe to turn off, press power button again), then re-installed Evernote. That worked for me. I've seen issues when "upgrading" other apps as well, so I don't think this is specific to Evernote.
  2. This weekend I was taking a series of about a dozen snapshot notes in a row. This process made me realize a few issues with the iPhone client: 1) Crash: I couldn't seem to enter more than 2 without the client crashing. It would always crash in the same place, after I took the picture and had pinch-zoomed it and clicked "use photo". It would think for a second and then crash back to my home screen. 2) Tags: In the tag field, how do I enter multiple tags? If I typed "salmon seafood fish" I would get a single tag called "salmon seafood fish" 3) I wanted to enter this series of notes in the same notebook, but I had to select the notebook each time, I don't know the right solution here, but at the time, I wanted it to "use the most recent notebook" 4) What is the area that is supposed to be captured by the snapshot note? Is it the area between the "shaded" parts on the screen? I Sometimes the top of the picture seemed to get cropped even though I could still "see" it on the screen under the "move and scale" header That's about it. I love the app, by the way - just providing some feedback. -Steve
  3. Are you sure you are looking in the correct place? It's in your Library folder not the system's Library folder. In the finder, click on your home folder in the side bar (the one with your username). Then look in the Library folder, then Application Support, then Evernote.
  4. This still does not do what I want -- it will show me all of the _notes_ which contain a To-Do, but what I want is a list of JUST the text next to every undo across all of my notbooks. I am using the mac client so it could be a limitation of that. -Steve
  5. Look in ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote/
  6. I can't seem to drag-n-drop anything onto a note body. When I try I get the green "+" at the pointer, but the item does not get added to the note. I have tried .jpg .mps text clippings, etc. This is on Version 1.0.5a Beta (28703) and it's making it quite useless except for screen grabs and web clips.
  7. It would be great if there was a to-do view where it listed just the text next to the checkbox. That way I can have one list of just to-do items: [ ] thing 1 [ ] thing 2 [ ] thing 3 even though these may all be from different notes. -Steve
  8. Are we supposed to be able to have more than one MP3 in a note? I seem to only be able to have one per note in Version 1.0.5a Beta (28703). -Steve
  9. It would be extremely useful to have some bullets/numbered lists and indentation in the notes. Are there plans for that on the Mac Client?
  10. Hi, Are there any tips for text recognition? I have been experimenting with pics from my iPhone of business cards, wine bottles, etc. Evernote seems to be completely hit or miss as to whether it will recognize text in my photos. And when it does, it seems to miss the clear important stuff and recognizes parts of fuzzy words. Of course in your video demo, it works exactly like I want it to... Is the recognition engine being worked on as part of the beta as well? Is there any way to see all of the text it thinks it recognized in a photo? Thanks. -Steve (using Mac client 1.0.4)
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