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Fails to read text-heavy notes normally. It needs improvement.



I am a long time korean user of evernote.
Recently, the app was feeling heavier than before, and I found that reading notes with many sentences was taking too long. It didn't matter, as I was maintaining a good performing personal desktop and mobile. However, after buying the Fire HD 8 plus 2020, which I bought this time, these symptoms are getting worse.

The notes contain about 100 pages of content in PDF format. If you save it as an offline page, it will be around 20 MB. Desktop and mobile read fast. Once read there is no delay until the next scroll. However, the tablet takes 20 seconds to read, and even if it reads, the delay is repeatedly created when you scroll down. After that, it cannot be read at all and the app closes.

At first, I thought that the specifications of the tablet were low, but there is no delay when reading the same content as PDF or HTML. It seems that the app goes through a lot of unnecessary steps for reading 'notes'.

So I'm making suggestions for these symptoms.

1) Please make it possible to enable the export function to be used on Android such as tablets. Exporting to HTML is fast to read. Or, make it possible to output to PDF from the list of notes.

2) Reading speed does not improve even with 'offline laptop'. Please make an improvement plan to quickly read the notes designated as 'offline notebook'.

3) Please make it possible to choose different ways to read specific notes (HTML, EXEC, PDF, etc.)

4) The most wanted answer is this. Please improve the note reading mechanism. I know it's the toughest job. However, this symptom is very uncomfortable and even compared to 'onenote'. I hope that these issues can be resolved as soon as possible.

Also,  I just found out that Amazon products are not supported. It's unfortunate. However, the fact that this is an Android-based OS and the fact that it takes a lot of time to process and read notes with many sentences apart from the support of Amazon products is definitely a problem to be solved in the future.

I heard this mention your support team. That's why, I know you are hard to solve this problem(to improve and add to function)

Even so, I believe you will be able to solve at least 1, 2, and 3 issues.

Please check me my advice and request detaily.


Also, I noticed that there is no 'Share Feedback' item in the 'Help' item in 'Android 8.13.3' and 'Windows' and Korean version. I've been talking about this with the Evernote Support team for a long time. Please add a 'Share Feedback' item for the Korean version as well.

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Hi.  Evernote has already said that it will no longer support the older versions - its only focus is now v10.  If you have access to the 8.13.3 APK you may want to keep a backup of that,  and try out v10 on your tablet;  or if you can browse comfortably try signing into Evernote.com in your browser.

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