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Editor tool bar refinement



I've used Evernote for 10 years now and never tire of it

My comment after using the toolbar for some time now in the current version is that I wish there were 3 inkwells.

A black... highlight my note text and with a SINGLE CLICK its black

A favourite, say red,  highlight my note text and with a SINGLE CLICK its red

The drop down as it is for  occasional use

When I write I make my text red for me to come back too, to check, to re-write, etc. I dont use the highlighter for this task

Anyway, my feed back for what it's worth

Attached image shows how I would make the space



evernote toolbar.jpg

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Sounds interesting, since you use EN that way. You will agree it is quite specific for your way of doing things in the editor - personally I rarely use colors in notes, and have no use to switch the font between black and red. But I may have other interactions, that require a series of inputs now.

A more open feature would be to allow to grab a sort of "macro" for a series of editor settings, and have 2 or 3 buttons that would execute them.

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