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Workspaces for personal use

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So my wife and I both use Evernote on all of our devices (iOS and macOS) and share the same account so we both can see certain notebooks or stacks. I know I can password protect specific notebooks but that's a pain. I see there are workspaces as a concept for business folks. Every other competitor to Evernote seems to include that as part of their personal offerings as well. Is there a way to bring that functionality to the personal subscriptions? Or does it already exist and I just don't know how to set it up?  If I could have a specific workspace for all of my stuff that my wife doesn't care about and vice versa then it would be great!


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The idea to share an account is what EN calls EN Business. No such structure for personal use, like families. It was proposed recently to have sort of a family account.

If you want a privat space, you can open a separate Basic account.

Or you and your wife both go „private“ with your EN accounts, and establish shared notebooks for the common ground.

P.S. Current notebook can’t be encrypted. You can only encrypt selected text in notes.

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I had a feeling but figured I'd put it out there just in case. Thanks for responding! 

As far as a separate Basic account, I lose all of the features of the Premium account I'm paying for currently. 

And my wife logs into the same account which is how we are sharing right now. If she could have her own account but still be under the same premium subscription, that could work

And yeah I wrote the wrong, I know it's at the note level and not the notebook level for encryption. Either way it's a pain to deal with unless I were a lawyer or healthcare worker, etc. None of my data matters to anyone else. If they want to know what manuals I have OCRd for my kitchen appliances, more power to 'em! 

Thanks again for the reply. As every year, I have until next month I believe, to decide what to do. There just isn't one good app that has what I want. So whatever I choose will not have all I want. I'm still hoping Evernote changes in a way that is useful to me. Or they add a widget I find useful (or ability to create my own widgets) to their Home dashboard. 

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