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iOS App Often Crashes When Tapping on a Task



Hi.  I had put a ticket in for this with an attached log but it does not appear to be fixed.  While I love the integrated Task experience in the Evernote app, a big setback for me is that, for some tasks, when I tap on the task in the iOS iPhone app, the app often completely crashes with no warning or error message.  I can get around it by clicking on the note where the task lives, but that is really inconvenient.  I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling and looking for the latest version, but the problem still persists.

This does not happen on all tasks - a bit of a common denominator that i think I found is that it seems to happen if I initiate a task on one platform (e.g, iOS, Windows) and update it on another platform.

Any ideas on how and when this will be fixed?


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If it crashes, it is a bug.

The way to handle it is by a support ticket.

My iOS devices don’t crash over tasks. First thing I would do in this case is a complete reinstall:

log out

delete the app, dump all data 

switch the iOS device completely off, on again (Apple logo must show)

reinstall the app, log in, now let it run the initial sync 

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