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My lists lose their formatting


Good morning, this is my first ever request on the discussion forums.

I've been an Evernote Premium user for 3 or 4 years already. I use it on multiple devices - Windows notebook, iMac, iPhones (on 3 different ones). My one and only current complaint is that, when I creat lists - numbered or just with dots - some of these (not all) frequently unformat. Fortunately this has happened on mainly short lists, because I have some notes with 500 entries as lists. 

What happens is that something like this:

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3


  • item 1item 2item 3

I hope whoever reads this can understand what kind of trouble to read this is. And this only started occurring a few months ago. There was no real change in my usage of Evernote, so it's as if some feature or inadvertent bug was introduced in one of the downloaded versions.

I just thought of one possible reason - I haven't necessarily been keeping all versions on all devices equally updated.

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About which clients are you talking ?

Were the lists created in EN, or in other programs ?

If created in another program, how were they transferred into EN ?

When are the lists changed from the intense look to the faulty one ? When you change something, on closing, when opening ? Can you reproduce it, or does it happen from time to time ?

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