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Scannable - Set Default Scan Options

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I've been batch scanning in old journals with Scannable and sending them directly to Evernote. This is working great!

My only pet peeve is that every time after I finish sending the scans to Evernote, the settings for the scan resets to the automated version. While this is helpful and dandy most of the time, it gets really annoying because it won't retain the settings that I've selected. It would be great if the app could just be set to open with my preferred settings, so that I can continue to scan in greater quantities without having to set the scan to be manual every time. I have to do it literally for several 100+ page journals. Very frustrating. 

Hoping to see a quick fix! 



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Posting in the forum is good to exchange among users. It won’t initiate any changes.

If you want something changed in Scannable, you can use the support options in EN iOS to contact support. My experience is that Scannable was not developed further in the last years, and is replaced by the scanner build into the app.

As a workaround use another Scanner. I use ScannerPro from readdle on my iPhone and think it is absolutely superior to Scannable. 

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